There are two major charter yacht categories: bareboats (with or without professional
skipper) and fully crewed yachts.  Frequently Asked Questions for crewed yachts are
covered on this page, while bareboat yachts are addressed on the previous page.
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FAQs - Crewed Yachts

Why choose a crewed yacht and not a seaside villa or resort or even a cruise ship?

A private yacht offers unparallelled flexibility, privacy and luxury combined with a sense of risk-free
adventure that is simply not available elsewhere.  The experienced, professional and friendly crew will
cater to your holiday needs and will be happy to pamper you, while discreetly respecting your privacy
(crew have separate quarters and facilities aboard).  You need only tell your captain what you like and he
will tailor your holiday to your preferences, always ensuring this is consistent with safety regulations.

Can I plan my own itinerary with ports of call and places to visit?

Indeed you can, and this is one of the big advantages a private yacht offers.  Of course, bear in mind that
you probably do not want to over-stretch yourself, and perhaps unduly tire your party and guests.  Count
on a maximum of 4 cruising hours per day, some days less, to gain maximum enjoyment.  Trying to fit too
much into each day may result in missing-out on many delights along the way.  Also the weather may
affect your plans, so plan to be flexible.  The captain will be happy to advise you regarding itineraries and
help you with his local knowledge.  As he is also responsible for everybody's safety at sea, he has, as
master of the boat, the final say.

What is the difference between a fully crewed and a skippered charter?

With a skippered charter your skipper will often (if you wish so) be almost a part of your group: he will be
happy to have you actively participate in sailing the yacht, and will welcome your help in simple
manoeuvres such as mooring, going alongside the quay etc.  He will be glad to share his local knowledge
and sailing experience with you.  Of course, if you wish him to keep his distance he will also be happy to
be discreet.
On a fully crewed yacht your relationship with the captain and the crew will be more distant and formal.  
Further, you will not be expected to participate in sailing the yacht in any way. Of course, the crew will be
closely, albeit discreetly, attending to your needs and ensuring you have the perfect holiday.

How much privacy can I expect to have aboard a yacht?

You can have as much privacy as you like.  The crew not only have separate quarters, but are
professionals, trained to be discreet.  They are experienced in entertaining the yacht owner and his
guests, celebrities, prominent statesmen and even royalty.

Should I bring my passport?

A valid passport is necessary.  Visas (if applicable) are the responsibility of the charterer and must be
obtained before the charter.

Can I remain in touch with home while aboard?

Many yachts are equipped with high-tech communications such as cellular service, global satellite
communications, personal computers and fax equipment.  In case your yacht is not thus equipped, you
will need to rely on your own cellphone.

Are children allowed?

Children are welcome, and all crew are child-friendly.  However as the crew need to concentrate on their
duties they are not able to offer childcare services.  This means that you will bear full responsibility for
any children in your charter party, and their safety, conduct and entertainment.

What about pets?

We regret that pets cannot normally be permitted aboard as yachts are not equipped for this, and also for
reasons of hygiene (allergies etc.).  


These are prepared to your requirements by your chef.  Please let us know your favorite dishes and
beverages in advance.  If you wish your chef will be happy to let you have a sample menu of the yacht's
cuisine in advance.  It is possible to order half-board or full-board catering. As you will see, your chef will
take great pride in his dishes and your enjoyment of them, using only the freshest ingredients available.
Of course, it is your choice entirely to take your meals aboard or ashore at restaurants or tavernas you
If you are on a special diet or have any allergies or foods you wish to avoid, please make sure you let us
know in advance so we may best cater to your needs.

What if I get seasick?

If you feel this might happen, there are a number of special medications you may buy at home at your
local drugstore that effectively prevent seasickness.  It is also a good idea to let the crew know: they will
go all out to make you as comfortable as possible and by sailing in protected waters consistent with your
sailing plans.

Is smoking allowed on board?

For safety reasons, primarily fire-prevention, smoking is not allowed in staterooms or cabins.  Many
yachts permit smoking in the saloons and day areas.  However, an increasing number tend to allow
smoking out on deck.

Are there laundry facilities on board?

Yes, large yachts have facilities for crew uniforms and the yacht's linen.  These facilities are not normally
available for guests' laundry.  However, in most instances the crew will take your laundry to land-based
laundries in the ports you visit.

What is the situation with tips?

A gratuity for the crew is entirely up to you.  Nevertheless, though by no means mandatory, if you feel
satisfied by the level of service provided by the crew, a usual gratuity is about 10% of the charter fee.  
We suggest that you hand the gratuity to the Captain, who will distribute it fairly among the crew.

What are the costs involved in chartering a fully crewed yacht?

Detailed pricing for each yacht is quoted in our pricelist
There is a standard agreement for fully crewed yacht charters in Greece.  Terms of refund in case of
cancellation are stipulated in the charter agreement.

The charter fee includes operational expenses, such as crew wages and food, crew and yacht linen
laundry,  insurance of the yacht and crew and harbour (though not private marina) charges including
water and shore power.  Yachts may also be equipped with leisure items included in the price such as
dinghy with outboard motor, water-skis (fuel on client's account), windsurfer, snorkelling equipment,
fishing gear,TV, video, stereo and possibly other items, depending on the boat.

The charterer will be charged additionally, at cost for the yacht, for all other operating expenses such as
VAT, fuel, passenger food and beverages, personal laundry, Canal dues, all private marina fees, and a
surcharge of approximately 10% for cruising outside Greek waters (to cover port dues, agency fees,
sanitary dues and legally applied surcharge on crew remuneration.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and consult with the captain to provide an advance
estimate of these charges.  Normally, one should allow about 25% of the yacht's basic charter fee
towards expenses, though this can be substantially less if only short distances are travelled (less fuel
consumed) and meals are taken ashore (the overall cost  to you will of course not change, but will not be
attributable to the yacht).  This does not include the discretionary gratuity to the crew.

How do I choose the type of yacht best suited for me?

We will be happy to talk with you and offer advice to ensure the best choice.  Here are some rules of

MOTOR YACHTS provide a high level of luxury, combined with speed, space and style.  One is a bit more
isolated from the sea, and more pampered, than in other types of yachts.  Motor yachts are either
dislpacement-type, cruising at 10 to 14 knots, or semi-planing with speeds in the region of 20 to 30 Knots.

MOTOR SAILERS combine the speed offered by some displacement Motor Yachts with the ability to carry
sail (though sail is an auxiliary form of propulsion, not primary as in sailing yachts).  Motor Sailers are
more traditional and not as stylishly luxurious as some Motor Yachts, though they are very spacious and
comfortable. They are also usually more sea-kindly due to their ability to carry a stabilizing sail.  

SAILING YACHTS offer exhilarating performance under sail, plus the ability to motor at up to 10 knots.  
They range from the traditional to the stylishly luxurious.  Though their size and experienced crew can
insulate you from the effects of the sea if you so wish, many guests delight in relishing the close contact
with they elements they can provide.

What about insurance?

The yacht is insured by the owner as stipulated in the charter contract.  However it may be a good idea to
buy liability coverage to protect you and your charter party,
plus personal effects, from unforeseen events.  Also, we recommend buying holiday cancellation
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