This is probably the best reason we can offer you to charter with us.

We also receive comments from our clients through our partners.  For example,  here is an
e-mail that our client Mr. Hoek wrote and our partner Serenite Locations forwarded to us:

"Dear Brigitte,

I would like to thank you for all your help with chartering
the boat in Greece.  Thanks to the outstanding local
support of Mr. Korizis and his team we had an excellent
holiday.  During the last 15 years I have chartered a lot
of boats, also in Greece, and I am really impressed and
satisfied with your and Mr. Korizis' efforts.  I will make
sure that both Serenite and Aegean Yachts will get the
best publicity, hopefully resulting in more business from

Thanks again and my best regards

Arjaan Hoek"

We are not including more such comments, flattering though they are, to avoid making this
page too long.  We are just including the actual comments of our clients in their own
handwriting, made when they were fresh back from their charter holidays, direct and authentic.

We cordially invite you to look at just a few  recent and also earlier client charter reports:
please click below to see them:

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Mr. Varkovisser
Mr. Varkovisser2
Mr. Dagobert
Mr. Delebarre
MMe. DeSoucy
Mr. Fayolle
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Mr. Gueler
Mr. Haag-Wildi
Mr. Harvey-Robson
Mr. Javault
Mr. Kinateder
Mr. Koenig
Mr. Konukiewitz
Mr. Kouakis
Mr. Langlayer
Mr. Lederey
Mr. Lycoudis
Mr. Monnier
Mr. Nichols
Mr. Phillips
Mr. Schmermund
Mr. Schuster
Mr. Schwab
Mr. Vince
Mr. Bolognini
Mr. Bolognini2
Mr. Hewitt
Mr. Hollaus
Mr. Lassaulzais
Mr. Lessman
Mr. Nilsfeld
Mr. Schwanzer
Mr. Wanz
Mr. Vinzio
Mr. Woeste
Mr. Borloz - Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS) Group Charter
Mr. Chevanne
Mr. Courf - Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS) Group Charter
Mr. Knoll
Mr. Lederrey J.
Mr. Lederrey M.
Mr. Nichols
Mr. Pollard
Mr. Stratis
Mr. Theunissen
Mr. Voute - Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS) Group Charter
Mr. Vrl
Mr. Wicht - Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS) Group Charter
Mr. Bolte
Mr. Chollet
Mr. Coates
Mr. Desaules
Mr. Khalid
Mr. Konukiewitz
Mr. LederreyJ
Mr. Lutken
Mr. Mueller T.
Mr. Muller G.
Mr. Rey
Mr. Rieder
Mr. Ries
Mr. Sieberer
Mr. Vladiscav
Mr. Welch
Mr. Wyss
Mr. Dardeau
Mr. Dierer
Mr. Dreiem
Mr. Duchet
Mr. Edmes
Mr. Fowler
Mr. Gollet
Mr. Hiese
Mr. Hillty
Mr. Karlsen
Mr. Kreher
Mr. Limburg
Mr. Nichols
Mr. Phillips
Mr. Robson
Mr. Saheim
Mr. Schwanzer
Mr. Smith
Mr. Stein
Mr. Vogler
Mr. Chollet
Mr. Colliard
Mr. Muller G.
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Buchenschutz
Mr. Cripps
Mr. DeVijver
Mr. Ducassy
Mr. Ferso
Mr. Lapage
Mr. Lazzarett
Mr. Lemandree
Mr. Masrieto
Mrs. Mackenzie
Mr. Resch
Mr. Retrofera
Mr. Tomiolo
Mr. Visser
Mr. Weber
Mr. Willaeys
Mr. Busmon
Mr. Colliard
Mr. Gendillard
Mr. Gillon
Mr. Grosroyat
Mr. Hahn
Mr. Hill
Mr. Hoiden
Mr. Klaushofer
Mr. Lebiman
Mr. Pitsch
Mr. Santucci
Mr. Spinelli
Mr. Tweed
Mrs. Whittaker
Mr. Bescape
Mr. Dachy
Mr. Janner-Lany
Mr. Laatsch
Mr. Powell
Mr. Baur
Mrs. Benner
Mr. Billet
Mr. Critchley
Mr. Korst
Mr. Pache
Ms. Burr
Mr. Clarke
Mr. Collishaw
Mr. Fowles
Mr. Hodgson
Mr. Hoek
Mr. Hoek
Mr. Hyounet
Mr. Jent
Mr. Kernstock
Mr. Kettler
Mr. Koenig
Mr. Mace
Ms. Mackenzie
Mr. Manuel
Mr. Ollenburg
Mr. Parpaiola
Mr. Phillips
Mr. Poole
Mr. Richardson
Mr. Robson
Mr. Selfe
Mr. Senhorst
Mr. Sterpetti
Mr. Traunic
Mr. Visser
Mr. Wymenga
Mr. Canell
Mr. Garmann
Mr. Berger
Mr. Costard
Mr. Guberek
Mr. Jayet
Mr. Kilby
Mr. Makowski
Mr. Petillot
Mr. Ramillon
Mr. Renaud
Mr. Smyrka
Mr. Van Straelen
Mr. Vidal
Mr. Benson
Mr. Boisson
Mr. Neal
Mr. Niva
Ms. Scheurink
Mr. Vachet