Aegean Yachts
Since 1981 - Great Sailing in Greece
About us

Aegean Yachts is a member of
the Aegean International Group,
which has offices in Athens and
London and yacht charter
destinations in Greece, Italy,
France, Croatia, Spain, Turkey
and the UK, and is a leading and
long-established yacht charterer.

The Aegean International Group
is family-owned, with the full
commitment to the business this
entails.  We have a history of
involvement with the sea
spanning three centuries,
owning and operating clipper
sailing ships in the 19th century.

Aegean Yachts, established in
1981, is the part of the Group that
specializes in providing luxury
crewed as well as bareboat or
skippered yachts for charter from
16 bases in Greece. Our yachts
have been carefully selected,
fully equipped and professionally
cared for.  As keen yachtsmen
and yachtswomen, we
understand your needs and are
dedicated to making your sailing
holiday a success.

There are a lot of reasons to
charter with Aegean Yachts:

- 99% of our clients wish to           
book with us again
- We work to be yachting's most   
customer-centric company:        
we try hard to give you                
whatever you want, how you      
want it, whenever you want it.
- Evidence of our success in        
this effort is in our clients           
eponymous charter reports,       
completed at the end of their     
charter and showing their full    
Click here to see   
these reports.
- As our main office is                    
on-the-spot in Greece and we    
either own, manage, or work      
directly with the yachts, we         
are able to offer the lowest        
possible prices and the               
highest value for money
- We provide you with full             
documentation, information        
and advice at all stages: from     
luxury colour brochures about   
our charter programme and        
yachts at the inquiry stage to     
our holiday planning                    
assistance booklet after you      
book your charter  
- should a yacht become               
unavailable (this is unlikely,       
but might   happen if the             
group before you delay to           
return the yacht) we                     
normally upgrade you to a           
bigger/newer yacht
- our very large choice of over
1500 yachts going from 16 bases
ensures you will have exactly the
kind of yacht you seek
- should you encounter any          
kind of   problem during your     
sailing holiday our network of    
16 bases  plus technical              
partners in all major islands       
ensures you are never far          
from immediate help
- you may contact us 24 hours a   
day, 7 days a week
- we offer many additional             
services   such as transfers       
by minibus or luxury limo,           
yacht provisioning, hotel,           
ferry and airline bookings and   
guided tours of  historical           
sites travelling by air                   
conditioned coach to and           
from your yacht
- our closeness and long              
relationship with yacht                
owners guarantee we will           
secure the best  possible           
charter price and conditions      
for you
- we will provide you with our
useful "Introductory Booklet"
with detailed embarkation and
holiday planning information for
your bareboat charter, specially    
prepared to answer your queries
- as sailing enthusiasts as well    
as professionals dedicated to    
ensuring  your cherished            
sailing holiday is a success,       
we see our job is to be at your   
side and assist with advice         
and immediate action if               
required - 24 hours a day, 7        
days a week
- we offer you the financial           
security and guarantee of           
being authorized and fully          
bonded by the Ministry of           
Tourism of Greece - Official        
License No 00068.
Aegean Yachts
10 Poseidonos Ave., 16777 Hellinikon, Greece
(Opposite the Olympic Games Sailing Centre)
Tel/fax + 30 210 7210 710 Mobile + 30 6972779191  E-mail