There are two major charter yacht categories: bareboats (with or
without professional skipper) and fully crewed yachts.  Frequently
Asked Questions for bareboats are covered on this page, while fully
crewed yachts are addressed on the following page.
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FAQs - Bareboats
What does the charter fee cover?

It covers the cost of chartering a yacht fully equipped with the Aegean
yachts i
nventory. It also includes the cost of yacht insurance and VAT.

What costs are additional to the charter fee?

Marina and port dues, as well as fuel and water costs.  Any
optional equipment you order (such as a blister sail etc.) is also at
additional cost.  Finally, the security deposit is not included in the
charter fee.

Do I need to obtain travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase appropriate travel insurance
in advance of your holiday, including holiday cancellation insurance to
protect your charter payments as well as other possible liabilities.

Do I need a skipper's license to charter a bareboat sailing yacht?

It is preferable for two members of your charter group (skipper and co-
skipper) to have sailing licenses evidencing competence.  Alternatively,
for the second member, a reference from a yacht club testifying to
sailing  competence will be required (instead of a sailing license).  In this
case you will also need to complete and sign an official declaration form
confirming  sailing competence. We will of course assist you in this.  We
may also require a sailing resume from you to help us assess your
sailing abilities.  If we judge your sailing skills are not adequate, we will
require you to hire a professional skipper: this is for the sake of your,
and your group's, safety.

Do I need to hire a pofessional skipper?

You will need a professional skipper if your knowledge of sailing is not
adequate to skipper the boat yourself.  Of course, many experienced
and competent sailors who are perfectly able to skipper a boat
themselves, nevertheless choose to hire a skipper.  This is because this
may make the sailing holiday more relaxing.  You will of course benefit
from the professional skipper's local knowledge.  

If you wish, Aegean Yachts is able to select and provide a friendly,
professional skipper to assist you.  The usual language spoken is
English, but we also have skippers speaking French, German and
Italian.  Please keep in mind that the professional skipper needs his own

Are there specific days of the week to start (and end) a charter?

Normally sailing yacht charters begin and end on Saturdays.  The
normal duration of a charter is for one week, ore multiples of weeks.  Of
course, whenever possible Aegean Yachts will try to accommodate your
needs to start and end on different days of the week, and also for
uneven periods of time such as a five or eleven-day charter.

Are there pre-set times of day to start (and end) a charter?

Charters normally start at 17:00 hours and end at 9:00 hours.  We kindly
ask you to return to base on the last evening of your charter. This turn-
around procedure enables us to make sure yachts are always delivered
to the next charter in perfect working order.  

If we can deliver your yacht earlier on the day you embark we will be
happy to do so.  However, we cannot guarantee this as we must ensure
we keep to our high standards of yacht turn-around.

What about the security deposit?

The yachts are comprehensively insured, including third party liability as
required by law, beyond a deductible excess amount.  This is indicated
in the Aegean Yachts
pricelists under Security Deposit. You are
responsible for this amount which can be paid as (a) Refundable
Security Deposit or in some cases as (b) Non-refundable Damage/Loss

(a).  The Refundable Security Deposit is held against the yacht's
insurance excess and will normally be refunded to you if there is no
damage or loss to the yacht or her equipment, or other claim as outlined
below.  However, for any loss or damage caused by gross negligence or
wanton or wilful misuse by the charterer or by any of his party, to a value
in excess of the Security Deposit amount , the charterer will be held
liable for the total amount of loss or damage.

Though the Security Deposit is normally refunded immediately at the end
of the charter, in case of extensive damage and/or loss the applicable
refund will be made as soon as possible after full assessment of
rectifying such damage or loss has been made.

The Refundable Security Deposit covers:
- Loss of or damage to the yacht, its tender or third parties
- Loss of or damage to the yacht's equipment and inventory
- Costs incurred if the vessel is returned extremely dirty
- Costs of returning the yacht to her scheduled harbour if the charterer
fails to do so by the agreed time and date
- Cost of refuelling the boat if the yacht is returned without full tank

(b) Non-refundable Damage/Loss Waiver.  This is a fixed amount
depending on type/size of boat and duration of charter and is not
refunded under any circumstances.  By paying the Damage/Loss Waiver
the charterer is relieved of all liability for loss or damage to the yacht
except for:
- Loss or damage caused by gross negligence by the charterer and/or
his party
- Loss or damage caused to the yacht or her equipment by the charterer
or any member of the charter party while under the inluence of drink or
- Cost off returning the boat to the scheduled harbour if the charterer
fails to do so by the agreed time and date
- Cost of refuelling if the yacht is returned with tanks not topped-up

Please note that for both kinds of Security Deposit, the charterer will be
held liable for the total amount of any loss or damage caused by gross
negligence or wanton or wilful misuse by the charterer or by any of his
party which is in excess of the Security Deposit amount.

Gross negligence may include, but is not limited to:
- Sailing at night without all navigation lights functioning or without
adequate watch on deck
- Damage due to non-observance of instructions given during the
technical briefing  
- Damage due to non-observance, in accordance with good seamanship,
of protective measures against bad weather
- Failure to have a competent person at the helm or supervising the
helmsman while the vessel is under way
- Failure to take reasonable seamanlike precautions  to avoid danger for
both yacht and crew

An additional, though much lower, Security Deposit of €380 is payable
when opting for the Damage/Loss Waiver.  This covers:
- Cost off returning the boat to the scheduled harbour if the charterer
fails to do so by the agreed time and date
- Cost of refuelling if the yacht is returned with tanks not topped-up

Payment of either the Refundable Security Deposit or the Damage/Loss
waiver covers only one incident of a substantial nature at any one time.  
For example, in case of loss or damage to equipment of significant value
such as an outboard engine or dinghy, the charterer will have the right
to any immediate replacement during the charter, provided that the
charterer pays a new Refundable Security Deposit immediately upon
receipt of replacement or repair.

Either form of security deposit is payable at the yacht's base before
embarkation.  For skippered charter, the Damage/Loss Waiver normally
applies.  For bareboat charter, the Damage/Loss Waiver is accepted at
Aegean Yachts' sole discretion.

How are the yachts insured?

They are normally covered for Third Party Liability with sum insured
equal or higher than the obligatory stipulated by Greek Law (Bodily
Injury, Material Damage, Sea Pollution) and also extensive coverage
under Institute Yacht Clauses.  This yacht insurance is valid in excess of
the Security Deposit the client chooses to pay, except as otherwise

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Not really, apart from personal possessions such as clothing, footwear
and beachwear (including beach towels).  Our yachts are fully equipped
to sailaway standard.  But keep in mind that soft bags stow much more
easily aboard than hard suitcases.  Also soft-soled boat shoes providing
good grip are a must, for your safety as well as to avoid damaging the
yacht.  Equally necessary is sun protection (hat & lotion).  

Lightweight clothing is best in the summer, with pull-overs or wind-
jammers for spring and autumn nights.  Heavier clothing and wet weather
gear is really only necessary for winter sailing or if you intend seriously
to sail in heavy weather.

What if I need to cancel my charter?

You should be able to recoup any payments through your holiday
cancellation insurance.  Cancellation policy is governed by the terms of
the charter contract.  It might be possible to waive cancellation costs
altogether if the cancelled yacht is re-chartered for the same duration,
under the same conditions.
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